Maths Day!

On Monday 10th October 2016, children across the USF took part in a Gifted and Able Maths day at Marldon Primary School. Children were working cooperatively across the schools within teams to complete challenging tasks. Lots and teamwork was shown and the children thoroughly enjoyed the tough tasks that were set. The children that took part in the event are working above their age related expectations. We aim to develop these children further with extra, challenging extension tasks away from a typical maths session.



Get Ready For Rio 2016!

On Saturday 16th July some children at St Michael’s Primary School took part in a dance. Teign School hosted a sporting festival to help promote and inspire young people to be more involved in sport. It was a day of celebration and involved local primary schools, sports clubs and businesses. The children’s dance was fantastic and they worked extremely hard on it. Well done!

Writing Day

On 28th June some of our more able writers had the opportunity to have a writing workshop with a local author; David Laurence-Jones. The children were creating their own characters to then put within their own series of comics. They had to decide on heroes and villains and come up with special powers and clothing. The children had a great day and produced some fantastic pieces of work.

Art Day 2016

Some of our talented artists had the opportunity to take part in an art day hosted by St Catherine’s Primary School. Ms Dawn Kelly, an arts specialist at St Michael’s gave children the opportunity to develop and enhance their artistic talents further. Children from across the USF spent the day developing their pencil skills learning how to shade using a variety of drawing pencils.

Tuesday 22nd/23rd March 2016

Our more able readers have recently had a reading comprehension day working with a company called, ‘A Tale Unfolds’. The children had a fun packed morning developing and enhancing their reading skills further. The text that the children had to read was about Billy Barbarossa; a pirate who attacked a ship called ‘The Jolly Flobber’. From this the children had the opportunity to answer some higher ordering thinking questions, which they all coped extremely well with. A very successful morning and the children worked exceptionally hard.